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The past 12 months has been a challenge for us all as we get used to the “new normal”. Despite the new challenges we are very proud of the Rally Hot Tubs team and partnered firms across the UK who have rose to occasion in order to keep you safe and provide the highest levels of hot tub rental service possible.

Our partners in Newcastle were in high demand over the course of 2020. With options limited to celebrate outside the home hot tub rental over seemed like the perfect alternative. With a short closure at the beginning of the March lockdown, the guys up in Durham put in place new measures to protect you and the Newcastle hot tub hire team. With a few tweaks at the beginning they were off and flying!

It was clear from the start more hot tubs were need. Capacity was increased from 14 tubs to 20 with the Lay-Z-Spa Helsinki becoming the the firm choice. The switch to helsinkis has been smart one. They are the second largest lay z spa therefore providing ample space for hot tub parties of all sizes, however with a 25% reduction in water volume over the Lay Z Spa Monaco, they heat up much quicker. This is especially helpful in the winter time. Having discussed this with other sites in Leeds, Lincoln and Birmingham it seems everyone is in agreement! Here at Rally Hot Tubs we will be slowly phasing this in too, replacing the Monacos with Helsinkis – we think they are a much nicer tub too!

With the increase in capacity the schedule was becoming crowded having to work everyday. We felt this wasn’t a great idea especially in the mindst of lockdown. The decision was taken by the Newcastle team to restrict deliveries to only Thursday and collections to Mondays, providing 5 days of ultimate weekend hot tub fun. It turned out great!

There’s been a lot learned over the past 10 months. With having to complete contactless deliveries, clear instructions available 24/7 was vital to the stability of the operation. We needed you guys to be fully informed and confident of what you were doing to ensure no revisits occurred. Although falling short of the video instructions created by the Rally Hot Tubs team, the guys at worked on their website instructions, improving and enhancing current guides as face to face demonstrations were to be put on hold. They look to be a huge success and will continue to be used in the future providing a bullet proof hot tub maintenance plan.

Being a part of a wider network has allowed all sites to benefit from each other. There are 100 different ways to run a hot tub hire business, and we are always learning new and better ways to do things. It’s exciting and rewarding to find new ways ourselves but it’s even better to take a leap up the learning curve and have valuable information provided by other hot tub hire experts.

We’d like to thank Chris for the ongoing partnership in Newcaslte, he truly is doing amazing work! We want to build a strong hot tub hire community in the future. If you or anyone else would like to join us please email

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By popular demand we’ve created a smaller, more personal hot tub cinema experience that all fits in to just one gazebo!

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