The Hottest Hot Tub Themed Bar Ever

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What might be next for Rally Hot Tubs after Hot Tub Hire Middlesbrough you ask?

Chicago is yet to present the hottest hot tub themed bar ever, situated in the basement of a hotel. The actual name says it all, as “Bunny Slope” gives us the bubbly sensation it’s meant to incite in its patrons.

The owners wanted to bring a brand new experience to their so-called audience by presenting a new type of relaxation during the cold, dark winter season. All this is placed in a ski-lodge decorated basement bar. Why get on with the weather when you can actually turn it into a more than pleasant get together with your friends. Surrounded by a kitsch decoration all over with a cozy fireplace and wood paneled walls, snowflake tiles and snowball chandelier, vintage-skis hangers and ski lift seats all contribute to the overall image of the ski lodge interior. There is also a bar with a great mixology team and a hot tub, what more could anyone possibly want?

When you think about it, there is not a chance in the world that you are not intrigued by the name of it, first. It raises some questions that anyone would like to get answers to and to check it out on their own.

Well, actually, before you are grossed by the idea of sharing a hot tub with some strangers and people that you don’t want to share this experience with, we would like to make it easier on you and get your mind at ease by telling you how it works.

First of all, this is a private bar with the capacity to entertain 18 guests the most, so you will be sharing it with your chosen company.

The guests are being served by a head bartender named Christian Hetter, who is also a top mixologist in a couple more of ACME’s hotels in Chicago.

This all makes it perfect for private parties and meetings along with all the details and bathrobes, towels, showers and other included amenities that will make you forget about the freezing temperatures outside and enjoy the winter months in style.

Never say never for Rally Hot Tub Hire Teesside!

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